The 15 Categories of Rejection

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Author David Rose, like each of us, has been on his own journey of discovery. In Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection, he reveals for the first time ever and explains with simplicity the laws that are governing all of our lives. He offers the knowledge of how to create, intentionally and miraculously, a joyful life.

A number of exceptional men and women discovered the sources of YES and used them in a clever manner to become known as the greatest people who ever lived. Among them: Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Elizabeth I of England, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy and Dale Carnegie, to name a few.

Now for the first time, all the categories of rejection come together in a revelation that is life transforming for all who experience it. This is the secret to your successful life, because it reveals how Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection will bring you more happiness by getting people to say YES to your dreams.

The Greatest Persuasive Secrets in History are About to Unravel

The truth, you will learn, is the most shocking reality that forces controlling your destiny are all confined into just 15 sources that make or break you, your family, friends and co-workers. Your entire life is wrapped up in this discovery.

In this paradigm shifting book, author David Rose transports readers from the darkness and despair of being shot down for their hopes and dreams to the precipice of change, where readers dive into the secrets of how to get people to say YES to anything sought after. Never before has the typology of rejection been revealed. For the first time global research uncovers the sources of YES that when used against you, create rejection for small and significant things that impact your trajectory in life: who you will marry, what career you will end up with, who your friends are, how much money you make, how much your kids listen and respect you. David Rose spent a decade compromising powerful knowledge in the book that shows nothing is at it seams, when comes to persuasion. Behind every corner NO is waiting to kill your dreams. Become the master of your destiny and control the key players in your life, before they control you.

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About the Author

David M. Rose works with people around the world to help them achieve greater results in business and personal lives. He is the author of dozens of leadership and revenue growth articles. He is the creator of The Renaissance Methodology R+E+N(AISS+A+N+C)E=П, The Theory of Accelerance and Modes-to-Market Analysis. He coined the phrase, “CPR saves lives, but C-R-P saves and grows businesses” (Consistent-Repeatable-Processes).

Having delivered several billion dollars in revenues to his clients using proprietary methodologies, he coaches and mentors leaders to design custom “Sales Engines” that improve people and processes for substantial growth. David is an accomplished CEO, sales trainer, business speaker, university adviser, board member, and entrepreneur. He is a quoted source to business media and a trusted advisor to start-ups, Small-to-Midsize-Businesses and Fortune 500 companies. The impact he makes is with organizational behavior and culture at five levels: executive, financial, operational, marketing and sales.

David was raised inside of an entrepreneurial family. There he developed the fascination with the challenges of structuring people and processes to provide amazing customer experiences. These themes eventually formed the backdrop for his own entrepreneurial spirit, and later his research in human behavior and business operations. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas where he later returned to serve on advisory committees, a lecturer. He performs similar duties for several other universities and businesses. He is passionate about helping people achieve more of their goals and dreams in life.

David’s book, Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection, is the discovery that took over a decade of research. It reveals the typology of every NO that exist and empowers people of all walks of life to learn how to overcome any rejection they face. The secrets he shares, guarantee more satisfaction with family, friends and work.

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What Readers Say

I would recommend this book to anybody who wants more from life. It was a real eye opener for me when I read about what to do when decision makers try to pass me off to other people without answering me directly (author calls this a shove). This taught me exactly what I needed to learn and how to approach things differently when dealing with my clients. (Tony Salas, Operations Manager)

I work in sales and this book was a real powerful discovery for me! It helped me understand how my clients think and how to think the way they do in order to win more deals! Learning the 15 categories of rejection helps me sell a lot more every week. It is absolutely worth every penny. (John Strong, Car Salesman)

I wish someone taught me these categories earlier in my life! Every way you can be denied in daily life can be classified in one of these 15 categories and you instantly have a solution on how to solve it. WOW! My mind is literally blown with this knowledge. I wish everyone on this planet learned these things because it is truly human survival skills. (Lisa Miller, Caregiver)

I like how the author uses examples in this book to help me relate the teachings to my everyday life. I’m sure that everyone can find their own situations in several of the examples explained in the book and will learn how to convince people to agree with them much more. This is my handbook now that I keep near by me at all times. I highlight things in it and refer to this book often. It is definitely a must to have! (Jessica Williams, Realtor)

I am retired now and wish I came across this book earlier in my life. It is not only full of very usable knowledge but it is also a very easy to read and understand. I bought this book for several family members and some friends too, and they all loved it. (Ekaterina Simakova, Artist)

I bought this book for my wife who is an attorney because I thought the title sounded relevant to what she does in life. She really loved it and encouraged me to read too. This is by all means the best book I read lately. It is great how easy the author explains complicated issues. It is so valuable! (Tom Guyer, Architect)

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