Be Bold and Ask for Business!

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Close your eyes and take yourself back to your childhood. Remember when you really wanted something. What did you do? Didn’t you simply ask your parents for it? Maybe even ask them a lot. I bet you would go far and beyond to get what you wanted. You were probably saying to your parents something like, “I want it! It’s mine! Please buy it for me or give it to me!” If you have children now, you can see that’s exactly what they do too. They ask for what they want and often get it.

Why is it we tend to stop asking when we’re adults? Is it because sometimes or often as children we heard ” No you can’t have that?” Is it because we are simply afraid that we will be told NO? Do we loose the drive or gusto to go for what we want or need?

Working with sales people for many years, I noticed that there are always a few people who sell more than others and get the biggest bonuses almost every time. Why is that? It is because they don’t exit the conversation before they ask for the business (the sale, the close, the deal). Those who do not make a sale are the ones who simply don’t pursue it. They don’t ask a client for the sale, they don’t find out WHY the client refuses to close the deal right there; they don’t presume that deal as closed during conversation with the client.

Also, what about other things in life like relationships, goals, hopes and dreams? Are these not things that we must fight to make them happen? Can we be with the partner of our dreams if we do not use our voice to tell them that we want to be with them? Of course not! Can we get help from someone that can help us if we do not ask for it? Of course not! People cannot read our minds. But more than that there is an energy that comes from voicing what we want, from claiming the prize. It is an energy that is just as powerful when we use it for a positive outcome as when we use it for a negative outcome. If we voice a negative outcome, we will often receive it.

You could start using the power of Asking for a Close with your very next sale or in a personal situation in which you seek something from another person. Just ask them to buy what you are selling right there and right at that moment or to agree with what you are asking. I know that it might sound scary for you, but what do you have to lose? Not a thing. Start experimenting. Ask directly for what you desire and think of it as if you are playing a game. Then you will see how your results for getting anything imaginable that you wish for will dramatically go up.

By the way, you can find a lot more information on how to ask of a Close in my book Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection. Not asking for a Close is one of rejection, which stays on your way of a better life.

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