Do You Know Your Mind Blocks?

I and my family were watching the film Mulholland Drive. It’s a neo-noir mystery film about a woman who survived a car crash on Mulholland Drive in Hollywood Hills. Injured and in shock, she makes her way down into Los Angeles and sneaks into an apartment. Investigation of that accident brings new and new mysteries … Continue reading “Do You Know Your Mind Blocks?”

Overcome Any Rejection – TIPS

Get Everything You Want From Now On! What would it mean to be able to overwhelmingly get everything you want and need? Get the right job. Start your own business. Get the education you want. Get the right woman/man. Get your children to mind. Have more friends, and people liking you. Have the ability to … Continue reading “Overcome Any Rejection – TIPS”

Defeat The Sting Of Rejection In Your Life

The most common emotional issue is the stinging pain felt after being rejected. Every single person on the planet knows how rejection feels. I’ll teach you what causes rejection and how to get more YESES. After all, life is like a rollercoaster. It runs us through highs and lows, speeds us around sharp corners, through … Continue reading “Defeat The Sting Of Rejection In Your Life”

3-Minute Self Prospective Gets You More YESSES In Your Life

Stop and Ask Yourself Two Questions, “Am I doing what I truly want to be doing in my life right now?” “If my next 30 days of life were going to be my last days, what would I do differently?” This exercise may sound morbid, but the answers inevitably leave you with distinct feelings about … Continue reading “3-Minute Self Prospective Gets You More YESSES In Your Life”

Schools and Parents Didn’t Teach You How To Conquer Rejections

Discovery Made for The First Time Ever – All The Categories Of Rejection Identified Learn the secret advantages that businesses and individuals are using to get you to say YES to what they want. In my book Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection, for the first time ever I reveal the major discovery that defines all … Continue reading “Schools and Parents Didn’t Teach You How To Conquer Rejections”