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If you talk to people who have not achieved their goals or the level of success they desire, and if you can open them up to speak from the heart, they will usually reveal a fear of failure (for lack of knowledge, connections, experience.) How many times did it happen to you when you attempted to start something but stopped because you were afraid of the outcome or what others will think of you if you fail?

I heard once that FEAR is an abbreviation for False Evidence Appearing Real, which means we have chosen to believe in something that is not really true. But because we believe in it, it becomes true for us. In my book, Overcoming the 15 Categories of Rejection, I dedicated a lot of time to this topic. Striking discoveries were made over a 10-year global research effort. Dealing with Fear (I call it Mind Blocks) is something every one of us is going through at different times in life. Is fear a bad feeling? I don’t think so. Just think about it. Without fear, there would be more car accidents and more damages in business. Without fear there would be less successful doctors and less progress itself. Fear is the quality that protects us and makes us to think through better than we would normally do. It will make us calculate risks better and be careful in different instances of life. How we use fear, and if we allow it to stop us from becoming successful is a completely different thing.

Once you identify that your fear is something created within your own mind and that it is more correct to call it a Mind Block standing in your way, you can begin to empower yourself to overcome failure. There is a simple formula which can be used to overcome such fear (Mind Block.) Ask yourself, what is the worst possible thing that can happen if this fear or worry becomes true? Write it down on paper underneath your clearly defined worry. Keep writing down everything that comes to mind until you have identified the worst possible outcome. You most probably will realize that 90% of what you worry about never happens? Think about how much time you spend on worrying about stuff that never will happen. Next you need to clearly define what you are afraid of or worried about. Write in down. Put in on paper. Half of your worries and fears will be solved the instant you can define them clearly by putting them on paper. What once seemed big in your mind will look small and insignificant on paper. Challenge yourself to create three ways to overcome this fear. Role-play the vision of success once you overcome that fear because when you envision success you can more easily gain that success in reality.

Start to make sure the worst never happens. Make a simple business plan of exactly what you need to do to prevent the worst outcome. This formula will help to shift your focus to the positive outcomes and away from your fears. You will begin to feel better because now you believe you can do it! Try this formula today and see if it will work for you. It has worked for me and many people I advised it to.

For more information about Mind Blocks and how to overcome them, including real examples from life, refer to my book.

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