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Get Everything You Want From Now On!

What would it mean to be able to overwhelmingly get everything you want and need? Get the right job. Start your own business. Get the education you want. Get the right woman/man. Get your children to mind. Have more friends, and people liking you. Have the ability to go straight to your boss and get anything you want. Have the power to get pretty much anything you need in this life.

I’m going to share with you some tips from my book, Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection.

You’ll be surprised that things you do on a daily basis, thinking they are good, are actually preventing you from succeeding. I’ll show you how to identify these things, and use them to your advantage. Have people excited and lining up to agree with you.

Here is Teresa’s story. She hated her job, and often complained that, “Life is not about happily ever after.” However, she tried her best each day to succeed with what she had. She said she was reading a lot of books that make you think but still couldn’t find the answer to why she was not getting any closer to her hopes and dreams for the future. Life was just passing her by. Teresa came to me while I was researching rejections and the ways to beat them. She asked me to help her learn how to get more of the things she desired in life.

After working with her for just an hour I could see Teresa had Mind Blocks, which were preventing her from getting most of things she sought after. She was holding herself back with her own thinking. Despite “trying to do the right thing everyday,” she disabled her success with negative thinking. We used the techniques (you can find them in my book Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection). People were reading nonverbal signals from her that created an easy to say NO mentality. People also subconsciously read her body language in a manner that drove them away instead of being magnetic and drawing them in for more of her. I taught Teresa the advanced body language skills you can find in my book. Also, the way she spoke seemed “normal” on the surface. However, she missed out on major opportunities to enrapture people using her phraseology and message delivery combined in order to compel people to say YES.

I gave her some tips on how to overcome the Mind Block rejection. I taught her the secret that there are only 15 categories of rejection that exist in the world. She learned how to name them in less than fifteen seconds. More importantly, she learned how to identify the types of rejection on the spot. Together we wrote a plan to turn her life around. The plan had six-steps customized to her challenges, and her personality traits. We then worked together for two-weeks to mentor these steps into her daily routine. She learned how to prevent rejections from arising, once she was aware of what they are.

As for Teresa, in less than a month she reported back that her family, friends, and co-workers noticed a tremendous change in her. She said, “I feel like a different person. A person who can accomplish anything I set my sights on!” I asked her what she thinks about her perspective on life, and she knew exactly where I was going. She said she started working on a business idea she always was fascinated about. She finally put her house for sale because she always wanted to move to a warmer state. She shouted, “Life is about happily ever after! As long as you take what God gives you and make the best of it.” I told her that I couldn’t have said it better myself and how proud I am of her.

There are many stories like Teresa’s in my book. You probably can even find some very relative to your own.

Overcome any rejection facing you in life. Be the best salesperson, most convincing person, better leader, more fun mom or dad, or magnetic personality that people are drawn to. In my book, Overcoming the 15 Categories of Rejection, you’ll be exposed to what it really takes for you to capture more of what you desire, and how to immediately stop doing the things that you don’t even realize are stopping you from achieving more.

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