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Stop Letting People Tell You No!

We’ve all been in dire straits at one time or another in our lives.  Lisa was a student at the University of North Texas where I give lectures on occasion. I am sharing her story with her permission. Here is the story of Lisa, who was on the verge of surrendering to rejection. Lisa supported herself while attending the university. She was at her wits end as the fall semester drew near and money was scarce. She became unemployed when the company where she worked went out of business. Trying to find another job when many students were competing for the few available jobs in town was not panning out. Her family, who was a few hundred miles away, was unable to help her financially. Lisa was in a dire financial bind while facing college tuition, rent, and utility bills coming due. When she reached out to me for help, Lisa was considering dropping out of school and moving back home to a small town where her single mother was struggling to pay her own bills each month. Lisa had always dreamed of graduating with an accounting degree. She figured this would allow her to get a good paying job to support her, and have enough money to help her mom. Now it looked like this dream would have to wait.

Lisa approached me with, “I heard about your discovery to overcome rejection. Well, I’m drowning in rejection right now! I am applying for all the jobs I can find on Google and asking everyone I know. I am willing to accept any kind of job in order to pay my bills and tuition but anywhere I go, they pick someone else or say NO to me. How do I get money immediately?” She looked depressed, and her mind seemed constantly racing with thoughts of defeat. There are many people like Lisa who need help. This is why I decided to share her story.

I told her, “You are facing a major crossroad in your life. These situations define you for the future. You can overcome all of this right now with the right approach, Lisa.” I offered to meet in my office the next day to see how I can help her. Lisa was right on time at 9:00 AM eager to find out how to improve her life. We spoke for about 40 minutes. I could see she was really trying to do things right, but something still was preventing her success. It took about two hours of discussion to identify what she was doing wrong and to tailor a turnaround plan for her.

First, I worked on getting rid of her Mind Blocks that she can’t be victorious immediately. I taught her to think positive and envision victory.

Second, I had her list the jobs she wanted most, but didn’t call her for an interview. She picked the three with the highest pay potential and flexible hours to work with her school schedule.

Third, I prepared her to be bold and go directly to the top decision-makers rather than wait for them to call her. I taught her tricks to get time with them using techniques in my book.

Fourth, I gave her a plan to get hired immediately. I mentored her how to use persuasive body language, and how to speak in a convincing manner, how to ask for the job on the spot and get YES.

Fifth, I prepared her to make a bold move after she gets the job offer.  We role-played how to ask for a loan amount, just enough to cover her current needs.  Lisa said this would make her look terrible and that, “No one will go for this!” I scolded her and reminded of the positive thinking to kill all Mind Blocks. I reminded her “You don’t get what you don’t ask for!”  Unless I loaned her the money, she had no other options and I needed her to save herself so her confidence would be forever changed in a dramatically positive manner.

Lisa followed my training. When she returned from the three interviews, she was beaming like the sun. Amazingly, she was offered all three jobs. She now had to decide which to accept. Two of the three agreed to give her the loan as an advance on her pay, WOW! So the choice was between these two of course. She also found a way to work from home part-time and to make extra cash from job offer that wouldn’t provide the loan.

The simple truth is that there is not a rejection in the world that you can’t overcome. Identifying which type of rejection is stopping you is half the battle. Learning how to master persuasion with the secrets revealed in my book, Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection, is the second half of how to turn things around. Stop losing the good things that life offers each one of us! You can have it all! Learn what prevents you from it, eliminate those things, and go get what you want! It all starts by knowing exactly what the exact categories of rejection are, the sources of YES versus NO. Figure this out and the world will be in the palm of your hand.

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