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Bust Your Mind Blocks and See How Perfect You Are

What if every moment of your existence holds a key to your true nature? Whatever your belief is about the creation of life, rather it involves a higher power, Darwinism, or a combination of both, consider this concept I present. “You are perfect!” The only things that stand in the way of this is your Mind Blocks. Mind Blocks are the first source of YES versus NO revealed in the discovery published after ten-years of global research in the book, Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection. They are self-inhibitors preventing each of us from succeeding and allowing our perfectness to hrive.

Is it difficult for you to consider that you are perfect? After all, we are conditioned to believe we are a flawed species and that belief in our perfection is arrogance that will lead to our downfall. You can argue though that all of nature is already perfect and you are a part of nature. It safe to believe that there is nothing outside of you that you need to find in order to complete you, thus, you’re already complete. Everything required to “be you” is already within you, hence you’re perfect, as is all other creation. A grain of sand is a grain of sand. It doesn’t try to be anything other than itself. It does not look elsewhere for its identity. It just is, and it’s perfect. A sunflower does not try to be something it’s not. It’s a sunflower, and it spends its time just being. Without struggle it is a sunflower, it is what it is… perfect.

I have a dog named Bishop. Bishop lives an incredibly free life, because he simply is who he is, my awesome Doberman Pincher. He spends his time just being Bishop, hanging out, playing with his ball, wagging his nub of a tail welcoming me when I get home, walking in the park, chasing squirrels in the backyard, protecting the family, and he does it perfectly.

When you seek something in life, you already have the ability to achieve it as long as you alleviate your Mind Blocks and strive to get what you seek. Will you always win… of course not, but that doesn’t make you less perfect. If you’re meant to be something or someone else, then you will be. If you’re meant to have something else, then you will have it as long as you believe, focus and work to get it.

Are you happy? Are you looking outside of yourself for that which will complete you? It is okay if you are seeking to excel in life but be happy while you are transitioning. Maybe you falsely believe you should be something else? You probably believe you should be richer, or have a better job, or a different relationship. These things are just your external environment, and if you wish to change them, you can certainly do it. But only if you identify and alleviate your Mind Blocks. The circumstances you live with now are a result of your choices so far, and you can create a new life for the future by choosing to make changes in your life now and taking appropriate action. Don’t be scared or lazy. Go after what you desire (want or need) with intensity yet choose your desires wisely.

If you desire strongly enough, you can indeed change your financial position. You can change your profession if you wish. You can improve your relationships if you work at it. Making these changes can make your life different, however, they cannot make you better because it’s impossible to improve on perfection. Consider the perspective that personal development and growth doesn’t improve you, yet it simply expands your awareness of the truth that you are already perfect. Until you recognize this fact, you will continue in your struggling and feel disappointment. Happiness is not found outside you. Happiness comes from within once you give up the illusion, and just love yourself unconditionally.

Answer these three questions. What is the Mind Blocks you possess that hold you back from going for what you want or need in life or that cause you try hap hazardously, resulting in failure? Do Mind Blocks exist in your decision-maker’s and key influencer’s minds that prevent them from helping your goals and objectives? On a scale of one to ten, how readily do you accept that you are perfect? Be honest and answer these now.

It is time to make an action plan to allow your perfection to flourish. Write down your goals and objectives in a journal right now. List the steps next to each required to manifest it. Put a timeframe next to each for when you will accomplish it. Wake up each morning and meditate for at least 10 minutes. Afterwards, take time to think positive and envision yourself accomplishing each of the goals and objectives in your journal. Then make journal entries at the end of each day about how you are advancing toward success. Evaluate your progress weekly. Each month take some time to access the importance of these goals and objectives. It is okay to alter, delete or add to your list. If you want or need it, then never give up on it. You are already perfect so all you have to do is let this power free and the rest will evolve as you desire. Now… got make it happen!

If you’re looking for a resource to strengthen your journey, Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection can help you achieve more in life.

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