You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For.

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Today I would like to talk with you about another rejection out of 15 existing and which is a big obstacle on your way of getting what you want. This is a key secret of success that makes people victorious in business, personal or any other aspect of their lives? If you’re thinking, “well there could be a number of key secrets to success,” then you’re right but what I’m referring to is one of the most powerful ones. Ultimately, there is a powerful tool that everyone is born with, but most don’t quite understand how and why to use it.

Did you learn how to ride a bike when you were young? Most likely you did and when you learned, did you figure it out the first time you tried? Did you play any type of sports in your life? How many times did you have to attempt to learn certain moves? Have you ever gone door-to-door knocking attempting to sell something and if so did everybody who answered buy from you? Have you ever been annoyed by someone who just wouldn’t give up and kept trying to get you to agree to something that you initially said no to? There’s a reason why I ask you all these questions. Before I tell you what this powerful secret of success is I want you to come to grips with what I call the 3 P’s, (Professional Polite Persistence.) Because, when I tell you this secret of success you need to know that it works the best when tempered with the 3 P’s.

I’ve taught my children and mentored hundreds of people in business that you don’t get what you don’t ask for. So, now let me introduce you to this key secret. It is one of the 15 categories of rejection that exist in life and it’s called, the Goal Shot. Goal Shot means – asking specifically and clearly for what you want. You should ask for what you want several times if necessary. The key is to rebuttal rejection with dynamic reasoning. Don’t just keep repeating yourself, asking and become annoying. Listen and ask why people say no to you and then use their responses to build your case. The information you gather from them makes each subsequent Goal Shot even more powerful.

The Goal Shot is what separates the winners from the losers and this is what success is all about. Unfortunately, many people feel that they’re going to hurt their chances or look foolish as if they’re begging or desperate if they keep rebuttal and asking for sale, favor, help, opinion, business or even asking for a date. This is a tragic myth.

If you have a mountain to climb either literally or figuratively and you reach an obstacle – don’t give up. Find another way around – even go back a short distance and come at the situation from another direction.

Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, never give up! Make mistakes, fall down, get up, fall down again but get up and try again, ask again.

Remember what Winston Churchill once said – “Never – Never – Never give up!” I’ve found that if you are Professional Polite and Persistent (3 P’s) while never giving up you will get what you want the majority of the time and build great respect with people, as long as you keep taking Goal Shots.

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